Abdominal Ultrasound
 Complete Abdominal Ultrasound 
 Limited Abdominal Ultrasound (single organ, follow-up) 
 Complete Retroperitoneal Ultrasound (renal, aorta, etc.) 
 AAA Screening 
 Transplant Kidney with/without Doppler 
 Abdominal Duplex 
 Renal Artery Duplex 
 Abdominal TIPS & Complete Abdominal 
                                                                                          Extremity Ultrasound
 Extremity Venous Doppler – bilateral, lower, upper extremity, also insufficiency 
 Extremity Venous Doppler – unilateral, lower, upper extremity, also insufficiency 
 Arterial Doppler – bilateral, lower extremity 
 Arterial Doppler – unilateral, lower extremity 
 Arterial Doppler – bilateral, upper extremity 
 Arterial Doppler – unilateral, upper extremity 
 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound – superficial mass 
                                                                                       Head and Neck Ultrasound
 Head and Neck (thyroid, parathyroid, etc.) 
 Carotid, bilateral 
                                                                                      Pelvis – Non-Obstetrical
 Pelvic Ultrasound 
 Pelvic and Transvaginal Ultrasound 
 Pelvic Limited Ultrasound, bladder 
                                                                                           OB Ultrasounds
 First Trimester OB Ultrasound, <14 weeks, TA & TV 
 First Trimester OB Ultrasound, <14 weeks each additional gestation 
 Second Trimester Ultrasound, Anatomical Survey 
 Second Trimester Ultrasound, each additional gestation 
 OB Ultrasound, Limited 
 OB Ultrasound, Follow Up 
 First Trimester with Transvaginal Only OB Ultrasound 
 Biophysical Profile W/O NST 
 Umbilical Artery (usually added with BPP’s) 
                                                                               Other Types of Ultrasounds
 Breast Ultrasound Unilateral, Complete 
 Breast Ultrasound Unilateral, Limited 
 Scrotal Ultrasound 
 Chest Ultrasound 


                                                                               Ultrasound Guided Procedures
 Ultrasound Guided Thyroid Biopsy 
 Ultrasound Guided Thyroid Aspiration 
 Ultrasound Guided Ortho Aspiration/Injection 








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