Mobile & Fixed Location Ultrasound Services

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Who We Are

Krystal Clear Imaging is an on-site mobile & fixed location fee based, cost-effective, seamless and efficient diagnostic ultrasound service. 


What We Offer

We provide on-site mobile & fixed location diagnostic and elective ultrasounds for out-patients performed in the comfort of their doctor’s office or at our fixed location.


We offer physician’s the opportunity to set up an ultrasound department within their own facility with no capital investment! 


We provide mobile bedside imaging at acute care settings, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. 


We offer interim sonographer medical professional staffing for organizations/physician offices that may need extra coverage from time to time.


Elective Prenatal Ultrasounds

We offer elective 2D/3D/4D non-diagnostic prenatal ultrasounds for expecting mothers in-home or at our fixed location.


We offer IVF monitoring for couples looking to grow their family.

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Why Choose Us

Krystal Clear Imaging delivers value by improving clinical outcomes, increased patient satisfaction and minimizes costs, all in a respectful and compassionate manner.





Our platform is end-to-end which includes our own scheduling system, image transfer to our cloud based PACS/RIS platform, all with a rapid turnaround time frame from our USA board-certified radiologists, plus several years’ experience from our sonographers.

10+ Years Experience

5 Star Rating

Quick Turnaround

Superior Patient Care